F.A.Q's (frequently asked questions)

Q. Why do I need an Extended Service Plan (ESP)?
A. You Guessed It... Peace of Mind! People who have ESP have something very special! No, not the ability to read minds, but the capability to achieve true peace of mind! An Extended Service Plan from Ford is a wonderful security blanket you'll always carry with you. It covers you when you need it most.
Q. Why do I need a service contract if Ford's quality is so good?
A. A car or truck is mechanical, meaning unexpected problems could crop up. The ESP provides financial help for major repairs.
Q. Is a Ford ESP Factory Plan better than an aftermarket plan?
A. You betcha! You can take your car to any Ford or Lincoln-Mercury dealer in the USA or Canada, pay your deductible and walk away. The dealer submits your claim directly to Ford Motor Company. Not all service outlets will accept aftermarket service plans. You are ultimately responsible for the service work performed on your car due to the non-payment or shortage of payment by the insurance company sponsoring your aftermarket plan. Some aftermarket plans require you to pay upfront, then get reimbursed later. Bummer.
Q. What time period do I have to make an ESP purchase and when does it go into effect?
A. You can purchase an ESP program anytime during the standard warranty period, which is 3-years or 36,000 miles on all Ford and Mercury products, 4-years or 50,000 miles for Lincoln products. A surcharge of $100.00 is added if the Plan is purchased after 12-months or 12,000 miles. Your Plan always starts with the original in-service date and with zero miles, regardless of when you purchase the Plan.
Q. Is there a deductible?
A. When purchasing your plan, you specify the deductible that best meets your needs. You may choose either a $0, $50, $100, or $200 deductible.
Q. What if I don't have the cash to pay for it?
A. Several payment methods are available. We accept personal checks, cashiers checks or money orders, or MasterCard, Visa or Discover card for the full payment. A Credit Card 0% interest Payment Plan can be arranged for either a 5-month, 11- month, or 17-month term. The third choice of payment is a 0% monthly billing statement of 5, 11, and 17-month terms. You simply send your check each month. Both extended payment plans require a 10% down payment.
Q. I do my own maintenance. Why should I have an ESP?
A. Have you looked under the hood of today's new cars? Very, very complex, thanks to computerization and high-tech options. Even if you do minor repairs, why not leave the big stuff to the pros? There are thousands of Ford and Lincoln-Mercury dealers nationwide who can help you with those unexpected repairs.
Q. What will FordESP.com do with my personal information?
A. FordESP.com will take great care in securing your personal information, and will not sell your personal information. You can read more in the Privacy Statement.
Q. What is your Refund/Return policy?
A. Purchases are eligible for 100% refund within first 30 days as long as no claim has been filed. After 30 days, a refund is prorated based on time, mileage and claims.
Q. When will I receive my contract?
A. You will receive your contract within 15 days in U.S. mail. Your contract is valid on the purchase date.
Q. I have additional questions. How do I contact customer service?
A. You can send an email to info@fordesp.com or call us at 800-325-3861 Ext 232 from 9 am - 5 pm Central time.