Why Buy Ford ESP?

As a Ford Dealer, we are able to discount the published price for Ford Motor Company’s Extended Service Protection Plans. Try our convenient Fast Quote system now and enjoy the extra savings.

Since our headquarters are located in Missouri, sales tax will not be charged on your ESP purchase. This could be an additional savings of up to $150.00.

Backed by Ford Motor Company

Hundreds of aftermarket plans are available to purchase. Some are sold by dealerships at the time of vehicle purchase and many others are available on the Internet. FordESP is the only plan backed by Ford Motor Company.

Who backs the aftermarket plans? Who knows! Insurance companies or investors, whose only interest is their profit, own most aftermarket plans. Ford Motor Company has a vested interest in your satisfaction with your new car or truck.

5000 Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury dealerships

Over 5000 Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury dealerships in 50 states and Canada stand ready to service or repair any vehicle covered by the Ford Extended Service Plans.

Aftermarket plans advertise that you may take your vehicle anywhere for service. Don’t believe it. There are many dealerships that refuse to accept many of the aftermarket plans because of past problems.

Ford authorized replacement parts

The statement speaks for itself. Using genuine Ford parts are very important for your vehicle’s long life.

Aftermarket plans try to negotiate with the service facility to repair your vehicle as inexpensively as possible.

Checks recalls at time of service

When your vehicle is being repaired under any of the Ford Extended Service Plans, your dealer will access Ford’s service computer to see if any open campaigns or recalls are needed on your vehicle. This computer will also show the last 12-months of the warranty repair history of your vehicle, regardless of which dealer performed your work. Your service record follows your car or truck. If your vehicle is repaired at a facility other then a Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury dealership, you lose this important advantage.

Coverage starts immediately

Ford Extended Service Plans simply leave no gaps between the expiration of your factory warranty.

Many aftermarket plans require a one-month or 1000-mile delay after your purchase before coverage is in effect.

Pays for diagnostic time and prevailing labor rates

With the exception of your deductible, all covered repairs are 100% funded by Ford Motor Company and the Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury dealerships. When your vehicle is being repaired under FordESP, Ford and the dealers are working as partners to satisfy you, their customer.

With an aftermarket plan, you are contracting with a service facility to repair your vehicle. Make no mistake, you and only you are responsible for the payment of that repair. Most aftermarket providers will attempt to negotiate the time required for the repair, labor rates, and cost and brands of parts used. You are responsible for any excess amounts not paid by the insurance provider.

Rental car reimbursement

With Ford’s Extended Service Plans, rental car reimbursements of $28.00 per day for Ford and Mercury, or $35.00 per day for Lincolns are available if your dealer must keep your vehicle overnight for an ESP-covered repair. Your reimbursement starts after the first day and covers a 10-day period. Standard warranty work and service recalls, if required for a covered component, also qualify for this reimbursement. At the time of purchasing a New Ford ESP, you may elect to have first-day rental coverage for a small surcharge.

Travel expense reimbursement

If a breakdown occurs more than 100 miles from your home, Ford will reimburse travel expenses up to $500.00 for up to 3-days. Reimbursable expenses include car rental, lodging, and meals.


Sell or trade your vehicle sooner than expected? No problem when you own the Ford Extended Service Plan. If you wish to cancel your Ford ESP plan before the plan's expiration date or mileage, simply contact us and we will return the unused portion of your ESP to you. The refund will be pro-rated from the original in-service date and at 0 miles.


If you wish to sell or trade your vehicle, the Ford Extended Service Protection Plan is transferable to the new owner(s) if you desire. Simply notify us with the new owner's name, address, phone number and a $50.00 transfer fee. What better way to increase the value of your trade?

Roadside Assistance

With Ford’s ESP, roadside assistance is a very important option. Dead batteries, dry fuel tanks, keys locked inside the vehicle, or flat tires are not the problem they used to be. Call Ford’s 24-hour, 365-day toll-free hot line for the solution. Ford will send an authorized service provider to send you on your way and will pick up the bill.

Destination assistance of $75.00 is provided under all Ford’s roadside assistance plans for emergency transportation to an immediate destination by taxi, shuttle, or rental car.

Peace of Mind Service? Absolutely!

Road hazard tire coverage

With Ford's ESP, Ford will repair or replace a tire that is punctured, bruised, or broken by a road hazard (coverage period is limited to the term of the Ford Motor Company new vehicle limited warranty).

No interest payment plans

Ford Motor Company and their affiliate, BUDCO, have teamed up to offer you a no interest payment plan for the purchase of your Ford Extended Service Plan. With a minimum 10% down payment, you may choose payments divided over a 5, 11, or 17-month time period. You may elect to have the monthly charges added to your credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover) or you may receive a monthly billing notice. Whichever you prefer, no interest will be added.

Towing assistance

Need a tow? With Ford’s ESP, up to $100.00 is provided for towing expense.